March 31st, 2008

Ororon; Sunshine after rain

Love from far away

Just. Tired.

But class this morning (yeah, I'm going back to school to finish up again, but this time for photo-journalism) and I was very happy. Blaze is a great teacher, really knows what he's doing, and I know for sure I'm going to succeed this class. I find it sad, however, that I'm the only one in the class of over 25 who who has ever developed pictures in a dark room and used a film camera. This is a Digital Photography class. But no one knows how to use film still. I think this is not good. At least Blaze is a great teacher and I know I"m going to learn a whole lot.
I'm feeling better than I did last night. Babcia is actually doing much better. She ate lunch (small lunch) and now even ate dinner. She looks better. It's something you can see; the little flare in her eye, her skin color, her smiling. I don't know what everyone's thoughts are on people working together, or common goals, auras, vibes of love flying from thousands of miles away or just hundreds, but if you truly meant it last night, everyone who sent me wishes, loves and hugs even on the comments or if I spoke to you over AIM, I think it worked, I think it helped, and I know I felt it. So thank you everyone who did that. Maybe there was a small point where we all thought of her at once, but I really think things like that can happen. Whatever it was, she was very bad yesterday and is back to herself today. And so I'm thanking you guys from the bottom, and top!, of my heart.


(●ゝω・)ノ【I love you