March 29th, 2008

Radiohead; Smiles are free

she was playing video games

Been feeling creative and been feeling sick. But this is all good. I have much to say but am falling asleep so will say it fast... DAMN YOU, SUPER SMASH BROTHER'S BRAWL! DAMN YOU AND YOUR AWESOMENESS AND ADDICTIVNESS!! You also give me a most GRAND and AMAZING rpg idea! Most. GRAND.
FFXII; If the world ends

How come I end up where I started

Grandmom is not doing to well. I haven't been around much for this main reason. In the past four or five days she sleeps late into the morning (11am) after going to sleep ad 7pm each night, and takes three to four hour naps during the day. This is all the while she goes to the bathroom a whole lot, but eats and drinks little to nothing. She hardly, if not at all, eats dinner. I am so worried and pretty nervous above all. We've been taking her to the doctor, and I've been giving her cranberry juice to drink because I think this could be a UTI. UTI's in oldfolk tend to make them sluggish and ill int his way. Grandmom just looks sick. And I'm very sure she is dehydrated too. It's hard when you can't even get her to drink or eat something.
What really worries me is that she passed up eating chocolate all the time! That is NOT LIKE HER. I used to joke lightly that the day Babcia is reaching the end is the day where she stops eating chocolate..

Back from work early because of Babcia too. I'm going to let mom go out and stick around with Babcia myself. Um, otherwise I've just been drawing lots and getting on a creative flow. I'm having lots of trouble pushing myself and I think it is because of the stress and what not. But I'm getting good at sitting down to do things! Maybe it's because I've gotten a better hold on what is new to hit my life right now.
Also going in for some journalism classes at Drexel so I can get proper work for a newspaper, and to do interviews. Haha, everyone hates journalists e_______________e;; Well when I get that million dollar shot of britany spears and start living in a mansion they won't be laughing at me! Chances are, I'll probably end up doing fashion photography when I hit the co-op program, which I"m excited about. Still.

I don't know........ why can't... why can't i just paint for the rest of my life....
Also took patchouli's kind offer, and I've been working on drawing backgrounds and character designs to offer to a certain game company.

So... I got lots going on. It's a start. But Babcia's health condition in the midst of it all has not been kind. My art truly.. does change with the events in my life. These images I have been drawing. I'm proud of them, but should I be? I know they will speak to some people.

☏ ☎ IF YOU WERE bjeezus ☎ ☏