March 19th, 2008

Radiohead; Smiles are free

But I was sick

Everything wawws just a little weird yesterday. That's what I noticed. There's was of good going on and lots of bad. I have found there to be only two types of people yesterday, and it's those that are plesantly content or those that are very short-fused. Customers. Boss. Family. I think there was something off yesterday, and I know I wasn't alone in noticing it; Nick did as well. But I sure don't like it being taken out on me. Especially when I'm just feeling like crap physically.
Which is why I am very much looking forward to today. A new day. A new start. And I hope people just stop and think rather than blow up or snap. I guess what I am looking forward to most of all; my first massage. Which I think I'll find out I realy, really, really, needed. My aunt got me some very nice gift certificate for it as a birthday present.
I decided now.. I'm just going to concentrate on myself today.

I felt like crap all of yesterday. Today I feel much better. I think it's a sign.
Radiohead; Smiles are free


Update on the new Slayer's series. Had you been wondering if it was true Xelloss was going to be the star. I'll tell you now, THE MAZOKU IS A LIE! Lina will be the star as always!

There will also be a lot more related material coming out in the July issue of Dragon Magazine, which hits newsstands on May 20. May is also when the re-released novels with the new covers are going to start coming out. That issue will also contain an announcement about the Slayers Special franchise.