February 26th, 2008

HMC; Best is yet to come

And more later


Pretty please? ♥ Please please?

Thanks so much everyone who has been talking to me and sending me comments. I'm sorry I haven't been around so much, but isn't that expected from me by now? Love you all.
Schedualed more appointments, got more blood drawn that is being sent into the lab, did this, did that, passed that already in my life.
I'm going back to school for just a couple of classes because I'll be learning how to restore paintings. I finally found out is a job that is needed-- thank GOODNESS. And at least I found the classes in teh school in which I can finally graduate. No one even gives me a glance unless I can wave a fat, fucking degree in their face.
-Taking all the classes
-Kick ass portfolios
-Study abroad
-Second languages
-Prizes won in contests
-Paintings and photography already being hung around the place.
None of it matters to them unless I have a piece of paper saying I graduated with a degree that includes more math and science. Yikes..:( Thank goodness umeko_pyon offered to be my tutor-person-helper with math and stuff.
But restoring art? Sounds like a good job to me! And than on Sunday's I can go into my Godfather's studio to do some art work. I got new painting started I'm very very excited about.