February 9th, 2008

R&J; Just one kiss!

Immediatly devour me

I've been busy, ISN'T IT OBVIOUS? Along the lines of not having time or very LITTLE time I've filled it with spaces of doing a little art and dating. Yes, dating. When it rains it pours over here, so I guess my patience turned out to be a virtue and hooooray.
A little bit, like about a week ago, Kyle did something I found kind of...well, lame. :/ He called me up and even though we had only managed with our extremely busy scheduals to go on a four dates or so i guess it wasn't enough. Because Kyle thought we should maybe date later according to him. He didn't seem to thrilled about our scheduals of seeing each other but also Kyle works every single day. It wasn't just me who was busy, he worked himself to the bone and would end up only being able to see me during the evening hours or only a couple times a week. It just didn't work, but I felt this large jab through my heart for days because or my responsibilities of helping my mother and her just demanding me home take over and I for a while felt maybe I would never be able to make anyone really happy. Kyle and I talked and he apologized and calmed me down but said it was him, it was just really him. All he does is work, work, work. He never takes days off. he never takes time off. He doesn't.. want to. In the end he was the one who wasn't ready for a relationship. I don't think Kyle knows how to make himself happy. He is driving himself in two jobs and always working, and really I couldn't do anything for him. I'm in deep thought about it but thats another story for a different time.

Than a strange wind blew.

Tides turned and I went to take the train home one night. If you remember from a previous post long ago I bitched about a teacher/man whom I speak to on the train a kicked him for not asking me out. I see him on the train going home almost everyday but he wasn't there that night. Someone else was though, a pretty cheerful and good looking foreigner came over to my side and exclaimed "Hey, I know you! You're the girl from that store, Seven Stones! You know me, right?!"
Two things went through my head:
1) He's good looking. Nice accent.
2).. Who do you think you are, no I don't know you!
I told him -- "Nnno, I don't think I know you." Because I thought he was just trying to pick me up. Truth be told he was trying to pick me up, but the other side of this story was that I actually did know him. He corrected me and I felt STUPID.
He said "No, no I'm Oggie! You sold me this bracelet, I'm that guy from Bulgaria!" And put his hand out and showed m a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet he had bought from our store. So it allll flew right back to me than, and I remembered Oggie. Boy did I remember Oggie, when he came into the store months and months ago he had me rolling laughter and flushed to a rose red. Everyone in the store liked him, and right when he left Denise asked me why I didn't ask him out...and I asked myself that too and kept moaning the rest of the day 'Come back, Bulgariiiiaaaa~~~~~。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。' and procided to ask Denise over a few times if he ever came in here often. She said he had once before buuut I sort of had to forget about him because I didn't see him for the next six or so months until now.

I apologized and said I had just had strange day and apologized again, but we sat together on the train and got along surprisingly well. Yeah, in the end he prodded me for my phone number and I gave it to him, and we did exchange a smile, a hug I got a strange feeling like I had just known this guy before he was so easy to talk to. It was just a bit of a click and good feeling. We're both pretty busy people but we did set a date to get together and have a drink. Strange enough, on my way back from work the next day the teacher was there at the train station and Oggie wasn't it. And... the teacher asked me out. This I didn't have such an amazing feeling about but since I could see him the next day I did agree to a date. Turned out that didn't go as well, I couldn't get into such good conversations with him and in short, because I just don't want to remember it... he just wanted to get in my pants. Sex. And all he could talk about was sports and his body. Literally! I never met such a muscle head! He asked the most uncomfortable questions that made me want to slam my head against something. So much for that, I guess you have to kiss a few frogs to find the prince. Adios, teacher. Glad that didn't last.
Strange enough I could see Oggie soon, and I was so glad about it. The week was draining and misserable at home and at work. I was really trying to cheer up as I waited for him in Media because of the usual shit that goes on at home. He saw me and got off his phone call in a second and gave me the biggest hello and put his arms out for a hug. There was no way to avoid not hugging him. I had an awesome date the entire night with him. We clicked like old friends, drank, and laughed a whole lot. Oggie is talkative, he is funny, he is very real, and on top of it all... he's an artist!d(* ̄∇ ̄)=====b A FUCKING PLUS. Oggie is some kind of wonderful, not only is he european, with an accent, mature, funny, understanding, strangely flamboyant but not gay, freakin handsome, fit, clean guy... HE'S AN ARTIST! He's an architect already! And what else? HE'S A MUSICIAN WITH A BAND..................♪.・・ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ
We've been on a few dates that have gone aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome. And it's safe to say we're pretty nuts about each other right now. My favorite this about all of this is that we have similar scheduals and are both busy but fine with still dating and seeing each other when we can. It's this giant understanding. It's. GREAT. He feels so godsent for everything going poorly right now. He'll talk to me over the phone and when I can see him sweep me in his arms. I know I need human conatact right now, but I'm just...very happy to meet him.