February 3rd, 2008

Radiohead; Smiles are free

I'm a little late for this but okay

SO I promised to post this meme and I'm late on it but.. Please? :)

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Been fucking busy, I have e-mails I need ro get back to but I"m just not on. And last night was so weird I woke up blasting the song "I can't Decide" by the Scissor Sisters and made huge chocolate chip pancakes. Because somehow that was the only way I could settle myself down and shake off icky feelings.

But I'm feeling better. I think that's what matters. This month the moon is in Neptune and Mercury. I think these weird and off balance feelings are allowed therefor and we can all not act like ourselves. And I know it's not just me. so YEAH!!! I'm going t get a long shower now.
Radiohead; Smiles are free

The internet is for dumbasses

My Valentinr - bjeezus
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Also, I"ll keep it brief since I'm sure whoever reads this, if you are involved in it, I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about, but there was a little rude, rude, rude, ruuuude act I just saw in secret number three here. I hate to see that. People can get so into roleplaying and be such bastards when they think a character is doing something wrong and in some way they don't like. Why even do that? That's just starting a fight for one thing, and second of all that is low to do. As a person! In a game of all things, why would you do that to someone in a secret that was already posted? Wanker. I won't say anymore, I think that act speaks for itself. The roleplayer took it's time to deprive some RPG of its idiot and spread the idiocy over into what was a once nice community.
That is deffinantly the kind of person with the only way they can hear any good about themself is to talk to themself. And sorry, but I just had to say my feelings.
Pisses. Me off. :/

Now, I went foodshopping and cleaned the entire house on my day off. Aren't I good girl? Well I wouldn't have had to if maybe Ian or Mom would clean up after themselves once in a while.
Than I went fooshopping and bought a bunch of food I can eat and since I bought and I can hardly eat anything in this house as it is, I took the biggest black sharpie I could find and wrote my name all over all of my food. If anyone touches it, I'm going to explode. That may sound mean, but whenever Mom goes foodshopping or Ian goes foodshopping and they ask me if I want or need anything from the foostore and I tell them what I want and can eat they never bring back what I asked for and they never bring back anything I can it. I think they're thinking my Gastro Paressis is a giant joke and I can eat salad and chicken and steak every night like them like it's no problem. They offer to cook dinner and I say sure but remember i can't eat everything, and they go 'okay!' and cook... everything I can't eat.
Well, not anymore! But I'll be late for paying my rent to mom since I just spent near a hundred bucks on my own food since I can't eat anything that is here.