January 29th, 2008

Radiohead; Smiles are free


i don't remember the stuff to well but i'm also really drugged up at the moment. went well, I think? I don't remember too much of what the doctor was telling me afterwards, it might come back to me later. it all went so fast. and i've been sleeping all day on and off, waking up a little and than falling back asleep. walking around is okay but a little useless since i'm having enough trouble having my mind catch up with that i am doing.
haha, so they had to give me lots of medications and something extra since they ended up taking some tissue from my stomach. and besides all of these sideffects I am experiencing another one of forgetfulness. which is pretty obvioius since i am forgetting some stuff. And my throat feels dry adn crackly..
i feel wobbly, dizzy, can't catch up with myself, and down right tired. i haven't had a day this shot in a long time.

when i got there i was nervous but the nurses were so nice, it was wonderful. got dressed into the hospital robes but because i hadn't eatten for so long i was getting ready to faint and i got the needle in me sooner than i thought. since i'm not allowed ot eat they spent 20 minutes or so feeding me iv fluids which made me really shakey at first but than i felt fine. i felt so bad since i gave the nurses such a scare... Normaly that wouldn't have happened but since I have what I do I guess it does from the malnutrition. but the needle got in me sooner and it wasn't so bad, but i found it after a while just uncomfortable in my arm. i'll be honest i was scared to move my arm because i was afraid it might hurt. never thought i would have gotten hooked up to so many monitors before and get the oxygen thing up my nostrels.. it because really intense.
I remember them giving me the medicatiosn throught the IV and setting me up but I think that is when I zoned out. I remember vaguely waking up a little when they put the mouthguard on and than got a quick flash of what they were putting down my throat because I had to cough adn choke. I am so glad... that I fell right back asleep. because it looked just like a horror movie and like they were putting a big black tentacle down my throat. and I don't remember anything after that. they woke me up maybe 15 minutes later in the patient room.

thnaks everyone for the comforting comments yesterday. you have no idea how much it helped give me courage to not back out on this... because I have to go in for another on the 19th( ̄∇ ̄|||) Maybe luke_atmey will do it for me for free since she's been playing the DS game about the ER ROOM. might go back to sleep now.