January 25th, 2008

FFXII; Captain Unfuckingimpressed

Working in a Southwest store wins

scene: Seven Stones, Media.

[a rich mother and son enter the store. They are dressed in a way that shows they have thousands of dollars to drop like flies. The son is young, okay looking, obviously in his mid twenties. The mother looks liek a woman in her sixties who had plastic surgery.
Denise and Keely are working behind the counter. They are more cheerful than the other two.]

[The rich son and mother browse the store., the woman looking around is disgust at the jewlery that is more beautiful than her.]

Rich Woman: Will you look at this. All of this turquoise and you just don't want to wear any of it.

[After hearing that Keely and Denise refrain from greeting the two customers. The mother and son make ideal chit chat about nothing important. The son makes his way over to the book section.]

Rich Son: *scoff snort laugh* [To Denise] Escuse me...

Denise: Yes?

Rich Son: *holds up a Native American Book with the Turtle that is Earth on it* What is Turtle Island.


Denise:.. You're standing on it.

Rich Son: I'm what?

Denise: You're standing on it. Turtle Island is The World. That's why it looks like Earth.
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