January 22nd, 2008

Radiohead; Smiles are free

And my stomach hurts

I hate the feeling of confusion on anything. Blah.

Okay, so! I have some good galleries lined up to show my artwork too. Now to just paint like a demon when I can and whip out a few more things that the general public will like and is not just what I like. Currently I have something I really want to do.. numerous friends of mine, one at a time, sleeping on a bed with one of their favorite things in life. Like a dog, or a guitar, or an ipod.. I really want to do this, now it's just a matter of pushing friends to let me do it to them. VOLUNTEERS.

ALSO I think I have a really good photography style going right now that is original enough. I'm feeling VERY confident in it. I'm also feeling VERY confident right now in my eye for color and painting tenchinique. So.. time to do something with it.


.. I'm out of canvas. And matte board. Ahhh crap. It's so expensive around here, starving artists should get a discount!

Also.. I WANT THAT BELT. IT'S SCREAMS AWESOME. oh what I'll never have...
Misc; Life of art

Heath Ledger

Oh geez... Heath Ledger was found dead today

You know what, I cried. I thought he was becoming such a great role model. There was a whole lot about him I just really liked from hearing. He had so much potential and was just a great actor and becoming even better. Even in interviews he seemed like a wonderful guy. There are not a lot of actors left like him, which is why I think this even more of an impact. He also had a wonderful wife and kid that was still so young and won't know his father.

I can't believe this. It's so unreal. This is going to hit those big books of wonderful people who died too young. That's just a real tradgedy. And even more, I think that in the movie about to be realeased, he's going to play wonderful Joker in the Batman film.
Suicide wouldn't really surprise me though, for a whole lot of reasons.