January 16th, 2008

Art; Judith Beheading Holofernes

America yet again fails at Art Appriciation

Out of hundreds and hundreds of painting in the art show I had two in there. My one painting got top five. The final judge came.

Here is where it got fucked up.

There was only one judge this year. At first I had respect for him, he was one of the art owners at the Barnes Foundation. Thinking that over I was just thrilled he was the judge this year, even if the only one. Now my painting was doing really well and appeared to be the biggest hit, it even got numerous folks asking to buy it. I was starting to grow more and more confident it would win. But one of the art program runners and I over heard the judge near the end say, "Hmm.. Oh I don't know why I decided to do this, I don't even like painting."
The woman who ran the art program watched him judge the paintings and hear him say "ohh .. I guess I have to pick one of these, huh?"

Oh.. guess which painting won. Just guess how bad it was. Just guess how mortified the artists were when the painting that won was more painful than a college-student experimental film, more boring than watching golf with your father, and entitled "The painting of eggs that I hated but my teacher Bertha loved".

To put it straight to the point, I am insulted. DEEPLY insulted. And I am not the only one feeling that way. And floored that this judge considers himself a worthy art critique.
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