January 15th, 2008

Radiohead; Smiles are free

Look around your world

Two e-mails I got today. They both just made me smile (cry a little) so much. It's sort of what I just needed today as well. One from a certain nice art teacher ;D and another from Joshua! Ohhh man I'm so happy to hear from him I was ready to squeel. He replied to my e-mail to him rather fast, so I have high hopes to hear back from him soon. I hope he's well, and from the sound of things it doesn't sound like he's in Florence anymore. Since he's e-mail was a bit short I sent him a long winded one and demanded a longer reply back to update me on everything he's been doing... and than prodded him to get his butt over to America to see me. I feel so stupid, I read his e-mail a few more times I was just so..thrilled to hear from him.

Grandmom's cat, Patches, is now living with us. We couldn't leave him alone annnnd well I just don't trust John taking good care of him and giving him propper love. Grandmom also loves Patches so, so, so much and we do as well. So now he's hear. Younger than Blacky and he. is. HUGE. I actually think he is bigger than Butterscotch was (@_@;). That is really saying something. This cat is so, so, so heavy I thought I was lifting a huge weight. GRANDMOM TRIED TO PICK HIM UP.∑( ̄□ ̄;) WHICH WAS AN INSTANT NO because that would be like her going to try and actually BREAK HER BACK. Ahaha oh Grandmom...

Alright time for bed.