December 18th, 2007

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The Livejournal Crack Awards

With the great sucess of such awards as The Positive Livejournal Awards and The Hygienic Awards and also with Icon Maker Awards, myself and chibiscriber are proud to present:

The Livejournal Crack Awards

Or, The Livejournal Internet Crack Awards (that might not make sense or you've really lost your brain)

Inspired by the Positive Awards, we bring you the Crack Awards created by the lovely Keely and Emely-- a friendly, funny, CRACKY AND FOR THE LULZand easy-going competition with numerous of crackish categories created for your entertainment. We encourage people to nominate themselves and friends for as many categories as they wish. One vote for each catagory though! And anonymous votes will not be counted! Just remember, this is all in good fun so do not take it too seriously~

P.S. Watch out, the comments for the page two are in white text at the bottom. You may have to highlight t o see them, but they are there!


< a href="Web Page Link Here">THE ・゚・LIVEJOURNAL INTERNET CRACK・゚・ AWARDS</ a>
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