October 7th, 2007

Radiohead; Smiles are free

BBC shows COULD steal my life

I would love to play The Doctor. Now a few people know that already, and I had oppurtunities to at a point, but little complications lead to more mini complications and blah blah.. Anyway! It wouldn't even matter if I did have the oppurtunity to because I want to play the Ninth Doctor which would have probably cause problems seeing as he is no longer 9 and instead 10. I really found the Ninth Doctor the most interesting. It was also nice to watch Dr. Who episodes in general these days in between my mini breaks. Thanks to Kerri I tried watching them on the website she recommended, and it was very nice. T_T SO many shows I want on DVD, it's not right. -______-
From that I stemmed into a little BBC TV show frenzy since I think they have amazing TV shows, and I started watching ROME again. Just. AMAZING. I forgot how much I absolutely love this show and everything about it @____@ ♥. Titus is just so awwweeesoooooome. (Yeah I bet I'm the only person saying this in the world.) After I finish rewatching ROME I think I'm going to have to rewatch I, Claudius.
I'm very dissapointed in myself for not seeing Bury My heart at Wounded Knee yet. Y_Y

And so, there's my mini splurge on TV shows. I've been building lots of ideas on a comic to draw involving the renaissance time in Italy and watching this just gets me more and more pumped to do it! Well good, but now I have TOO MANY IDEAS I need to do. arrrggghh...

I've been spending allllllll night getting ready for the festival tomorrow and ready to sell my work. WOO! >O Okay! REady to go!

Also, the biggest news of all..... Mom is home as of today. Okay, I'm ready for this. I know it's going to be like last time.

Of course just as I say that I get her with a comment of "just like old times". AMazing how that just really felt like a shoot down in my mood.
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