July 30th, 2007

Radiohead; Smiles are free

Personally I think this is stupid

I got a call from my Mom this morning, another angry one go figure. I stayed at my Dad's last night and when he came to pick me up I had to run out the door because he was being rude and not calling my phone to tell me he was outside, he was honking the car. I forgot that I left a glass of tea I was drinking upstairs in my bedroom.
Mom has her habit as I said before, that she thinks she can go around in my bedroom and throw out whatever she wants, rearange whatever she wants. I meant, my room is CLOGGED now because for some reason her and Ian think I can keep it clean by redoing Ian's room and moving all of his furniture, LIKE HIS GIANT BED into my room. Oh, and Mom's pile of old clothes, two piles actually.
So Mom went on another one of her angry phone calls after a little raging around my room and finding that cup of unfinished tea. Well that just blew her stacks. She called me up and yelled at me this morning to get over there right now and clean it up and because of that and she can't live like this I'm not allowed to sleep at the house.
Go over. Clean it up. Yeah, I'm still not allowed in the house.

Granted this is the most fucked up thing ever since I clean her and Ian's left over food messes from every single day since they don't appear to know hot to clean a kitchen.
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