June 5th, 2007

Radiohead; Smiles are free

This might be an unnerving situation

So we won't be going to Rome this weekened because of President Bush and he is visiting Rome. This would, yes it in fact WILL, make this is a very delicate and threatening situation for a bunch of American students. Considering that we saw a poster two days ago already posted in the alleyway of the classic 'I WANT YOU: TO JOIN THE ARMY" from yeeears ago with the guy poiting at you and all, but instead saying "I WANT YOU OUT AMERICANAS".
This weekened we were all warned by the Italian teachers here to be very carful at what we say and do this coming Friday and weekened. We were even asked to not drink Coca Cola, not that I even drink soda anymore.
What I love is how everyone is so political in Italy and gives a damn about what can happen to them and their country. Even I try and stay political with my country... but damn, I never liked being an American anyway. I really wanted to go to Rome. I don't blame them for hating us if we are there though. Certain places were excluded from our upcoming trip there and to do other things in certain areas because the Black Block party from Germany is going to be in the area, chances are probably looking for Americans to beat up and George Bush. I know thatàs a huge threat right there.
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